Friday, December 08, 2006

Gutless, gutless, gutless

Over here, some Democrat hack/policy wonk named Chris Bowers compiles a list of all the reasons why Democrats should not and will not try to impeach that idiot some of you have been erroneously referring to as 'President' for the last six years.

It's an impressive list, one that reeks of reasonableness, of 'reality', of compromise, of political expedience, of being cautious and preserving political capital and thinking long term and carefully mapping out the '08 campaign season and all that other colonic end product the Dems sob like pussies over whenever they somehow stumble, spasm, and/or drunkenly flail their way into a position to actually do anything that might make a significant difference as to how our country is governed.

::DEEP breath::

Not to mention, that could possibly impact whether or not various American and non-American human beings continue to live through the next twelve months, and what kind of conditions they'll be living in and under if they get that lucky.

I cannot tell you how sick I am of this crybaby crap. "Oh, now that we're in a position where we can actually do something, we can't, we mustn't, we shan't REALLY do anything, because then, you know, we might not get re-elected and we'd have to find real jobs."

Why is it that the only politicians in America who have the balls to get into office and actively and effectively pursue an agenda are, you know, evil?

I know, I know. The Democratic majority is razor thin, and the Republicans can and will be obstructive, and any kind of forward motion on a Democratic/liberal/progressive agenda will take very careful management, and Jesus Christ I am tired of hearing this teenie-weenie L'il Rascals otay 'panky bullshit. The Republicans had a razor thin majority for ten years, and they have very nearly destroyed the entire planet, and gotten rich while doing it. Why can't the Democrats be similarly aggressive about their own agenda?

Honestly, someone explain it to me. I really don't understand it.

Here's my list of just some of the reasons why those evil bastards Bush and Cheney SHOULD both be impeached --

* They aren't really President and Vice President of the United States of America. They were never actually elected; they committed the most brazen election fraud ever seen on a national scale in our country's history, they have no right to those titles or those offices.

* There are 600,000 dead people in Iraq right now who would be alive if Bush and Cheney hadn't decided to go break their country.

* They're spying on American citizens in explicit defiance of the law. They don't even deny it.

* They are holding American citizens for years without trial or even indictment, on no authority other than Presidential whim.

* They are torturing prisoners of war. They think it's fun.

* They have committed nearly innumerable counts of systematic fraud to enrich their corporate sponsors in shameful ways, mostly off mountains of bodies, of those both dead and living on in utter misery, here in America (see: New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina) and abroad (see, again, Iraq).

That last point could be broken down into literally hundreds of sub-points; I just don't want to go out and actually compile a list of all the ways the Bush Administration has illegally funneled billions if not trillions of tax dollars into the private pockets of its corporate favorites over the last six years.

For that matter, the second point could be broken down into 600,000 plus bullet points, if I just knew the names of every single person who has died unnecessarily due to our illegal and immoral invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq. And the third and fourth points could have a great many victims' names attached to them, too, if we had the power to compile that kind of comprehensive list.

Against all of this, the learned Mr. Bowers weighs things like "the national image of the two parties", "keep(ing) our caucus close to united", and the fact that he is "not in the mood to blow all of our political capital" on, you know, something as trivial as actually doing the right thing.

Unprofessional though it may well be, the only word that springs to my mind when I read this kind of goddam gutless sobbing and cringing and hand wringing on the part of someone whose party just won a huge national election they were overwhelmingly predicted to lose is, well, "asshole".

If Democrats are going to act like craven pissy assed losers even when they finally manage to win, what's the point in electing them in the first place? I mean, I know why they're in it... the job pays pretty well and you don't have to work very much or very hard. But if this is how they're going to act after we vote them in, why do we even bother?

Do I have any positive, realistic, politically expedient advice to offer to these quivering masses of spineless humanoid gelatin? Yeah. Bush's popularity is in the low thirties. The Republican Party in general is foundering under a dinosaur killing meteor strike of multiple financial, ethical, moral, and sexual scandals. That shit didn't just spring into existence to get the Dems into office, and it hasn't gone away.

Go after Bush. Nobody likes him anyway, it's the right thing to do, and guess what? A majority of the American people are desperately hoping to see their elected officials actually do what's right for once, instead of what's merely expedient.

Will the Republicans unite to defend Bush from impeachment? Maybe, but they're horribly vulnerable right now. There's a mountain of shit to sling; the minute any of them open their mouths, start slinging it. No matter what they say, here's what the Dems say back: Mark Foley. Katrina. Tom DeLay. Jack Abrahamoff. Would you like a page boy with that, Congressman? No? A gay hooker? Some meth? How about a nice fat campaign contribution from an Indian tribe trying to build a casino? How's your stock market portfolio, Senator Frist?

When Rush Limbaugh comes after you, go on his show. Take his calls. Whatever he says, whatever he asks you, you say "Percoset. Viagra. How was the Dominican Republic, Rush? Say, how's Mrs. Limbaugh? Which one? I'm not sure, how many have there been? Lately, I mean." When O'Relly comes after you, bring up loofahs, and ask if he's still sexually harassing his married associate producers. Play hardball. I mean, Jesus Christ, they do. Hammer them and hammer them and hammer them until they're as scared to open their mouths and take any kind of real position at all as...

...well, as all you goddam Democrats are, actually.

Honest to God. You want to see every registered black voter in America for the next two generations vote Democrat? Stand up on live TV and impeach Bush using the words "depraved indifference to human life" while showing video of him playing his guitar at the exact same moment as people were drowning in New Orleans. That will do it. It's easy.

Seriously, why is this stuff hard? Why do Democrats continually let Bush and the Republicans walk away from things like the debacle in Iraq, the catastrophic cluster fuck that was Katrina, and, while we're at it, the goddam 9/11 attacks? Why does it take a gay page boy scandal to put the opposition party back in power, when the people who have been in power for years previous have monumentally fucked up every single thing they have managed to get their hands in, and gotten rich off doing it, and everybody knows it, too?

We have just handed you people the keys to the country. Stop fucking sniveling and do the right thing. And the absolute top priority on that list is, get that murderous bastard the fuck out of the Oval Office.

And then, second, get our troops the hell out of Iraq. Well, not second, both are equally important. There are a few hundred of you in Congress; you can manage to do two things at once, right?

These things are the right things to do. They also happen to be things that the American people who elected you want you to do. It's a win-win.

Not that any of you are smart enough to actually see that.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Bill said...

The only reason I visit here is that "Centerfield" starts playing over in that part of my brain which apparently does nothing but hum to itself.

I agree that Bower's bit is beltway thinking. His arguments are those of a political strategist positioning for 2008, and as such they lack any moral force.

We all know that this administration is dirty. There's enough dirt to build a - a really, really big pile of dirt.

What we should be talking about here is investigations and accountability, however, not impeachment. Clamoring for impeachment at the outset seems like the cart before the horse.

Once all that malfeasance and corruption and outright criminal activity gets brought out into the sunlight, then we'll see the political calculus start to change, and the beltway geniuses will tell us that they knew it all along.

My own preference is to see Bush and Cheney arrested and imprisoned after they leave office, rather than impeached. I believe the FISA law calls for 5 year sentences for violation.

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Handsome said...


Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I like "Centerfield" myself.

Bower's arguments, such as they are, are the same old pusillanimous insecure nonsense that has fettered the Democratic party since JFK was shot. The Democrats are very much like high school freshman; terrified that if all the other kids find out what they're REALLY like, nobody will help them.

Republicans, to continue the analogy, are like the high school bullies -- they don't care what people think of them, given the opportunity, they just take what they want, and when they get busted, they'll do their best to lie and wheedle and charm their way out of it.

It seems to me that impeachment is a foregone conclusion, if they'd only try. Bush and Cheney freely admit they've been violating several laws; they simply claim they have a right to do it, since we're at 'war'. An indictment would write itself -- but, if the Dems want to be politically careful, they should go after them for negligence and profiteering in regard to Katrina/New Orleans.

I'd like to see Bush and Cheney go to jail, myself -- in fact, I'd like to see them tried for war crimes by an international tribunal. But it's probably unlikely that that would ever be allowed to happen.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Uh...I won't even try to comment politically because I'm not very good at it but I agree with you that the Democrats in "power" are a bunch of wimps. As are the people who keep re-electing them.

How else could you explain why William Jefferson, caught on tape accepting bribes, with all that "cold cash" in his freezer, with two people testifying that they gave him bribe money, was re-elected?

At 9:22 AM, Blogger AaA said...

I tell you this much, if the Dems do actually attempt an impeachment, I'll register Democrat and vote that way the rest of my days.

At 9:26 AM, Blogger AaA said...

...assuming they actually make good on it, that is.

...and keep up with generally not being spineless.

Yeah, to sum up, if the Dems grow and keep a spine, I'll go with 'em and stick with 'em.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Not to be a killjoy, aaa, but I so seriously doubt that's going to happen. Every item on the Dem's talking points has to do with "unity" and "forgiveness" and "learning to work together." Cripes, they even had a priest give the Dem rebuttal to Bush's Saturday AM radio address.

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that impeachment as a serious tool of the legislative branch is dead, and, like the constitution and rule of law, it was the Republicans that killed it.

What I mean is this - since the ridiculous partisan hit job on Bill Clinton, no one takes impeachment seriously anymore.

Everyone knew that Clinton's impeachment was a partisan hit job, everyone knew that it was, above all, personal. And so now, any talk of impeaching Bush is dismissed as "payback" - in other words, impeachment is no longer a serious process to reign in an incompetent or criminal executive, but just another partisan hit job, except from the other side of the aisle. The tool has lost its legitimacy.

I don't usually give the Republicans much credit for long-term thinking (most of them are too dirt-stupid to think beyond their wallets), but I sometimes wonder if this was part of the plan all along.

At 11:21 AM, Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...


Not to start trouble, but I'm not a Republican, and I believed that Clinton was rightly impeached, not for whatever he did under his desk with a cigar and an intern (in the long run, who the hell cares...powerful leaders throughout the ages have had their women on the side), but for lying under oath. As an attorney and as the President he should have known this. He spent millions and miillions in taxpayer dollars trying to dodge and weave and cover up his fun and games. It demeans the office and made more than one mother I know have to explain to their young children things they shouldn't have been exposed to so soon.

And it pissed me off that the "impeachment" turned out to mean nothing more than a wag of the finger and the loss of his right to practice law in Arkansas (when he would be living in New York and anyone with a brain would know that an ex-president would be too busy working on his memoirs and his speaking tour to actually practice law anywhere.)

So "everyone" didn't know that this was a partisan hit job, etc.

I know it's an old argument but it ruffles my feathers and I can't sit back and continue to read things like this again. Republicans are not monolithic and, if you read or listen to news from several different opinions instead of just being content to join the choir, you'd see that everything with a donkey on its chest isn't good and everything with an elephant isn't bad. In fact as far as "greed" is concerned, a recent report showed that Republican families (including politicians) gave more to charities with respect to their incomes than Democrats. Corruption is not limited to one party or another. There are convicted felons and scofflaws of one sort or another on both sides of the aisle.

It doesn't go with the animal on one's chest. It goes with the job.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Handsome said...


I'm sorry, I can't let this pass.

I'm no more a fan of Clinton than anyone else, but the impeachment WAS a partisan hit job. Did Clinton lie? Sure. But I'd be a lot more impressed by all those Reps who harrumphed endlessly about 'rule of law, rule of law' if any of them had imposed anything remotely like that same set of requirements on any Republican who has ever been in office.

The hypocrisy of the Repubs before, during, and after Clinton's impeachment has been nothing short of revolting. How many Repubs have been indicted? How many, for that matter, have been convicted? Where's their goddam 'rule of law' now?

As to what Clinton lied about 'under oath', it is very important to understand that he lied about his sex life. Two things there: (a) everyone lies about sex and (b) it wasn't anyone else's business.

Now, I intensely dislike the fact that Clinton was a horn dog who was face fucking gullible, maybe even psychologically unstable, interns. It strikes me as wholly unprofessional. But did it in any way impact his actual job performance? I really doubt it. Was it an impeachable offense? Hell no. Was it anyone's business other than his, his wife's, and whoever he was sticking his dick into's? No, it was not. Even the President has the right to get his rocks off in private, as long as he isn't compromising national security when he does it, or some shit.

The Repubs hated Clinton, they badly, badly wanted to find something, ANYthing, to beat him with, and what they eventually found was, he lied, under oath, about who he'd had sex with, and when. Gee. String him up.

I badly, badly wish we lived in a world where an elected official, upon being questioned by anyone about their sex life, could simply stand up, spit in their eye, and say "It's none of your fucking business". Because that's how that should work.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

I want that world too.

But a lot of people loved Clinton (even if we didn't). And he knew that. And if he'd just, at the beginning, gone on Oprah or 60 Minutes and made that contrite face and said that he made a mistake, apologized, and asked for our forgiveness, he would have gotten it. He wouldn't have been impeached, there would be no Starr investigation, and Clinton and his handlers would have saved the country millions of dollars that could have been put to much better use.

And the next time, he would have been more careful whose thong he twanged.

And to digress, where is William Jefferson's indictment? Shouldn't each party be treated equally?

At 6:13 PM, Blogger AaA said...

The Republicans had a razor thin majority for ten years, and they have very nearly destroyed the entire planet, and gotten rich while doing it. Why can't the Democrats be similarly aggressive about their own agenda?

Honestly, someone explain it to me. I really don't understand it.

Ugh. I hate myself for saying this, but is it possible that the republicans have more faith in their politics and whatnot than the democrats have in theirs?

If so, that's just sad.


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