Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Important safety tip from Egon

It's important to remember that, amongst the morass of real reasons behind the invasion of Iraq that cannot be admitted to publicly, a very significant one was our government's need to discipline/terminate a once-prized (if necessarily covert) civil servant who had gone resolutely and irredeemably off the reservation.

Which is to say, we hired Mr. Hussein to run the Iraqi oil fields for us, we paid him handsomely to do it, and we were fine with his job performance as long as he wasn't fucking around with Big Energy's bottom line.

Once he got a swelled head and decided he could pump as much or as little crude as he liked in any given month, regardless of what he was told by those he reported to, he had to go. And it is an unfortunate necessity of international trade that, when a concern like the U.S. government has to fire a civil servant at Saddam Hussein's pay grade, it may require military action to enforce the terms of the pink slip.

Equally unfortunately, replacing someone at that pay grade can require a lengthy interview process, and holding the position open for the required period is also something that may necessitate the application of tactical and even strategic military pressure.

There are just the realities of recruitment on this sort of scale, and those who are unwilling to accept this will never really grasp the essence of actual international geopolitics.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger AaA said...

Ok, well, short of people agreeing or disagreeing with you, there's not a lot for one to comment on here. I mean, you're right.

Not a lot of room for debate there.

Hey everybody, Highlander is right.

Aww, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I fell for it, didn't I?

OK, you got me. Yeah, we're stuck in Iraq until Washington finds a suitable lackey with the right complexion to take the reins.

See the problem with trying to democratize an Islamic country is, they'll vote for those damn imams, and the damn imams'll re-instate Sharia ASAP, and they all hate America, and next thing you know, your 'Democratic Republic of Persia' is just another fundamentalist dictatorship with sham elections and death squads beheading infidels. And worst of all, they'll nationalize the damn oil again, and the guys paying the Pubs and Dems to run the planet for their business interests won't like that, nosirree.

So yeah, I guess there's more to you being right about this than just you being right.


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