Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'll buy that for a dollar

Okay, here's a distillation of the results I'd like to see in return for my vote for the Democratic Party last week:

I want Dubya impeached. For starters. And when I say 'for starters', I mean, that's where we begin. But it's not where we finish with him, not by a long shot. Here's what I really want -- I want a complete investigation into the 2000 Presidential election, and an official denuniciation of the results. I want an official declaration that that election was thoroughly cooked and utterly stolen, that Al Gore should have been our President at least from 2000 to 2004, that The Idiot Some Village In Texas Is Missing was never, actually, officially, The Voice Of America.

I want Dubya's Presidency nullified, invalidated and repudiated on a binding legal basis. And I also want everyone involved in cooking and stealing that election brought up on charges, tried, and sent to jail. I want a statement sent -- you do not run a national democratic election like a knife fight in a bar. There are rules, and there are laws, and when you break them, there are consequences.

What would happen if the results of the 2000 Presidential election were officially de-certified? I don't know. I imagine it would be a historical Constitutional Crisis. And we can sort that out. But what I want, and what I think our nation absolutely needs, is an official judgment that says "He was never our President. He was not legitimately elected. Everything he did, every action he took while sitting behind FDR's desk, every piece of paper he signed or stamped as POTUS -- it is invalid. It has no legal weight or bearing."

I want it all made moot. Every official he appointed can file for Unemployment. Every bill he signed into law, I want gone. Every Executive Order he issued, I want in the shredder. These things should have no provenance. They are meaningless. They are not the law of the land and are not to be enforced or even acknowledged, other than historically, and for purposes of reparations payments.

And, like I said, I want everyone involved in the biggest election fraud in the history of the world up on criminal charges.

This is what I want, first and foremost. More than I want an increase in the minimum wage, more than I want universal health care, more than I want U.S. forces out of Iraq. Oh, I want all those things too, and I want them badly, but imprimis, first and foremost, I want our new Democratic Congress to officially denounce that fucking travesty of an election result, appoint an entire constellation of special prosecutors to look into it, I want indictments handed down, I want motherfuckers brought up on charges, I want those sonsofbitches, and, in Katherine Harris' case, delete the 'sons of', sent to jail -- and I want the American people, and everyone else on the planet, to clearly understand -- that dimwit Dubya never legitimately represented the United States of America. We repudiate him. He was not democratically elected, he was nothing more or less than an unConstitutional tyrant who seized power through a judicial coup d'etat run by a Republican junta, said junta which included his own brother, and slightly more than half of the United States Supreme Court.

Am I trying to get out of something? Trying to say "It ain't me, babe, no no no it ain't me, babe" when it comes to the consequences of my nation's illegal, immoral, and frankly murderous invasion and brutal rape of a once sovereign nation? Well, I suppose in a way I am. But I'll take my share of the weight; I fully support any and all reparations the hapless denizens of the former country of Iraq may present us with a bill for, and I think we should, frankly, as a nation, respond with alacrity to any request for goods and services they may tender unto us for at least the next century.

But I also think it's extremely important, if America is ever to regain any kind of positive international reputation, for us to declare to the world, with absolute candor -- no, this guy was not our President, he stole the title and the office, he did not speak for us, we are done with him.

That's what I want.

Do I think I'm going to get it?

I think the odds of the Bucs reaching the Super Bowl this year are an order of magnitude better. And I suspect that's a wildly conservative estimate.

Still. That's what I'm looking for.

What kind of return are you hoping for on your vote?


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