Monday, January 15, 2007

When Digby Drivels


Everybody loves Digby. You cannot get away from Digby. All the cool political blogs blogroll Digby. All the big poli-bloggers regularly link to Digby content, and rave about what a brilliant political genius Digby is. Digby wins all these awards. Digby Digby Digby. Oh Jesus everybody just worship Digby. Digby is a left wing GOD.

Here's something I just found posted on Digby's blog. It is not, apparently, by Digby. But Digby seems to think it is worthy of being read at his massively genius level award winning hugely touted poli-blog, since it went up two weeks ago and he hasn't taken it down.

Cogent. Insightful. Lucid. Hard hitting. Here it is, from the Koufax Awards' Blog of the Year:

No Soul

by poputonian

President Bush has an urge
To go on a psychotic-fed splurge
Like back in his school-boy class
When he exploded a poor frog's ass
He'll fix this urge with a surge

He's the presidential rampager
He'll use the troops as a wager
To bet that he's right
That it's worth it to fight
To save his ass from the Haguer

But the president has dug up a hole
That will end the Bush family role
As the walls cave in
Where words can't spin
To bury the man with no soul

So we're tired of hearin' him preach
About freedom and liberty's reach
To the far distant land
Of oil and sand
Instead, it's time to impeach

Somewhere in Hypertime (where everything is real) Senator John Blutarski (wearing a toga made from a bedsheet) is beating Poputonian to death with Poputonian's own laptop right now.

Unfortunately, here in the real world, this crap will almost certainly win some kind of award, and Poputonian will not only continue to live, but he/she will continue to write head poundingly wretched drivel like this whenever he/she wants, and Digby will then inflict it on his hundreds of thousands of adoring readers.

Somebody saaaaaaaave me.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Elayne said...

I don't think people are nearly as enamored of Puptonian as they are by Digby. I also don't think Digby vets every post that his co-bloggers make.

Digby can be incredibly insightful, but he can also be way off base on some things, and when I feel he is I don't hesitate to tell him so in his comments.

I don't have any single posts from Digby in my Koufax 2006 noms file, but I do still think he and co-blogger Tristero are very good writers.

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Opus P. Penguin said... long as you're not bitter or anything...but that was a LOUSY post...maybe he got the date wrong and his many assistants entered the wrong one.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Handsome said...


Thanks, as always, for stopping by. It's possible my bitterness at being an excellent goddam and, in my not so humble opinion, also incredibly insightful, writer (at least as insightful as goddam Digby) has colored my objectiveness somewhat.

Having said that, Digby's name is on the blog, he controls what goes up on it, and his reputation drives eyes to the site. He has to take responsibility for his content, and this specific bit of content is nauseating drivel. That's the name of that tune.


See above as regards my bitterness. I'm sure you feel it, too; don't you just KNOW you're a better writer than, say, Dean R. Koontz? Doesn't it annoy you, at least sometimes, that you can't get a publisher to so much as glance at anything you've written, while people like Koontz make billions off barely written badly typed poorly edited garbage? That annoys me, too... and when the Koufax Awards roll around, well, the presence of all the Usual Lefty Suspects, none of whom write any better than I do, and the absence of, well, ME, bugs the shit out of me. So I vent here.

Sorry if that annoys anyone.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Digby.

Hm. Well, *I* love Digby (in a totally platonic kind of way), but Tristero and, in particular, Puputonian, mostly bore me to tears. I usually skip over their stuff.

And I will agree that the post you refer to is, yes, godawful.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I'm going to ignore the general air of hopeless negativism in your post, I would like to say that the image of Senator John Blutarski beating the crap out of a blogger with their own laptop put a great big smile on my face. That is one of my favorite scenes from any movie ever.

At 2:59 PM, Blogger Justin said...

I pop over to Digby's about once a week. Most of it I just skim through as it's basically inside baseball political cheerleading for the D-team. The awfulness of that post has me giggling.

A while ago Putopian had a post up about corporations that stated the reason corporations were soulless monsters was because the courts stripped them of "personhood" in Santa Clara v. California back in the late 1800s.


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